Heal Through the Freedom of Expression

A 4-week guided course to help you get the most out of your self-love journey. 

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From: Sadie

Subject: It's time to go inward and reflect to heal.
Many of us are carrying mountains.

We are carrying mountains made of doubt, fear, anxiety, depression, guilt, and stress.

We avoid them but we can’t help but see them in the rearview mirror when we attempt to try new things or move forward. 

So what happens when we’re not processing these feelings?

They manifest themselves painfully in dangerous ways, internally AND externally

Ever hear a child say they have a tummy ache with no other symptoms or illness? Would you believe me if I told you it could be fear, anxiety, shame, or guilt causing that tummy ache? 

It’s the same for me and you!

We’ve been conditioned to push away the feelings that we have when things happen to us instead of leaning in and unapologetically experiencing all of it.


It’s time to reflect, process, and go within...

Because here’s the thing — all the answers you’re seeking you already have. Read that again!

Everything you NEED is already right there inside of YOU!

I’ve created a 28 day guided course “Simply Reflect” to not only to empower you to get started but to help you heal through the freedom of expression.

You don’t have to do this alone. 

Together we’ll uncover the purpose behind your emotions — good and bad.  

The key is to let all of life's experiences teach you. 

When we write down the experiences we are navigating and revisit the past trauma associated with that trigger, we become AWARE.

Just like anything, the more you recognize it, the more equipped you are to work through it. Cue the healing.

It starts to fire different parts of your brain that can help the healing process.

Together, we’ll FINALLY release old narratives, negative self-beliefs, and pain to make room for healthier habits.

Keep going for the good stuff:

It’s time to discover your purpose...
Ready to lean in and lay it all out on the pages of your journal ?

Here's what you'll get:

  • Get more out of JOURNALING: Bring structure to your journaling routine with templates and daily prompts that are as empowering as they are fun.
  • Guided REFLECTIONS that heal:  Add direction to your goals, healing, and happiness with weekly exercises and lessons.
  • Therapeutic STRATEGIES: Use your journal as a safe space to recover from emotional wounds and past trauma to develop self-awareness.

Here's what you'll LEARN:

Go Inward and Get to Know Yourself

Interpret your journal entries and gather powerful insight.

Release Negative Emotions

Correct harmful thought patterns by processing negative emotions.

Stand Up for Yourself

Reframe expectations and protect your boundaries with confidence.

Set Goals and Intentions with Purpose

Hello, productivity and progression!

For 4 weeks you’ll  get to know yourself intimately again. 

Expect tears, epiphanies, and a whole lotta growth.

Journaling, reflecting, remembering… It’s all about bringing it all back to you. Centering yourself so that you can then light your world and those around you!

Conquer fears, release emotions, and unlock creativity you didn’t know was within you. Discover the freedom that comes with leaning into life in all its messy, beautiful glory. 

Ready to take your reflection to the next level? 

Simply reflect
A 28-day guided course designed to empower and heal yourself through the freedom of expression.
When you purchase Simply Reflect for $77, you'll receive:

Access to my learning platform

You’ll create a username and password to login anytime to access your training materials. When you create your account, you’ll be given access to 3 courses (listed below).

— Lifetime Access —

 7-Day Journaling Challenge

A great tool to revisit over and over whenever you need a kickstart to get back into the habit.

— Lifetime Access —

Simply Journaling

You'll unlock the how and the why behind journaling and make it a consistent habit in your life. 

— Lifetime Access —

Simply Reflect

Go deep in the practice with an additional 28 days of prompts and activities. This will give you more insight in 28 days than you have had in years.

Private Facebook Group Access

Interact with other friends on the same journey as you, ask questions, and get ongoing support and new ideas.
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Simply Reflect

Journaling, reflecting, remembering… It’s all about bringing it all back to you. Centering yourself so that you can then light your world and those around you!
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Simply Reflect
  • Access to my Learning Platform
    • Lifetime Access to 7-Day Journaling
    • Lifetime Access to Simply Journaling
    • Lifetime Access to Simply Reflect
    • Private Facebook Group Access
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    Hear from other happy customers:

    Girl, you changed my life.

    It brings me to tears. I really hated myself, my image, and hid it all so well. I burned my fears, and finally after years of hating my 160 lb self… I see a different person in the mirror. It’s all because of you. Thank you! — Lindsey S.

    The Ultimate Self-Love courses gave me that “light at the end of the tunnel” feeling. 

    As someone who gets anxiety even looking in the mirror, this course has helped me feel at peace and calm. I am never too much and always enough. The love and support coming from Sadie's community is proof that the quiet battle I’ve been fighting my whole life doesn’t have to be lonely. — Emma

    This is the kind of healing I’ve needed in my life.

    I just completed Sadie's 5-minute meditation and cried. I am so FREAKING grateful the stars aligned, enabling me to trust myself enough to invest in me. I needed this more than even I knew! — Krystal

    I am finally learning how to love myself! 

    I didn’t think it was possible. Everyone says to love yourself or you can’t truly love anyone else. I’m like “but how?” Well, now I’m finally learning how and I feel like you are speaking specifically to me. Can’t thank you enough — Hillary K.
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